Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's never too early!

   Call me crazy. I’ve started to think of baby names! I think its best to contemplate a rational given name while in a "normal state of mind!" You never know what I could come up with while being a hormonal hot mess! My child could end up as "Fetus”, “Lucky Swimmer" or even "Cantaloupe."
    I figured we could start reflecting now, that way my logical husband could hold me accountable, therefore preventing me from apologizing to my first born for the rest of its life!
   But as I began to casually look up baby names on the web, I realized how times have seriously changed. The name Apple, yes Apple was listed, would not have been accepted on my playground back in the day. But now it seems she will be starting her first day of kindergarten, in 2014, with many other Apples, Oranges, and Barry’s. Oh my!
   Then you have the middle name… which ultimately leads to initials. For example: Andrew Scott Stephens. This is Initial Tragedy. It’s inevitable that Andrew would eventually take his future wife’s maiden name to cover up years of pain!
   Choosing the perfect name is not effortless. Its not in any way like naming a dog. Although even with ours I modified it at the last minute. I changed her from a car (Bentley) to a boy (Charlie). I still cant decide which one is worse.
   As a result, we started to really consider potential names, over coffee & cheesecake. However we couldn’t seem to find only one. Somehow the " Eeny, meeny, miny, moe " concept seems grand. On the other hand, we didn’t completely throw out the idea of multiple names written on the birth certificate. Why not have them decide every morning... "Today I will be Suzy! Tomorrow, Bill!" Sounds like a great idea to me.
   And who exactly decided we have to name the child before the birth? It makes more since to wait until they can walk and talk and have them make their own decision…"Child what do you want your name to be for the rest of your life?" That way they can’t hate you. Well I guess you could run into scenario of "I want to be Big Bird or Spiderman." Although don’t get me wrong, I do feel there needs to be more Spiderman’s among our community.
   But it’s true what they say, the name you give your baby is what will carry them through existence. Therefore, you need to choose a strong name, a name they will be proud of. A name you can picture as an infant and yet a name that will look great on a business card.
   And so it begins. Naming the unborn…Its madness I tell you!

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